Home appliance safety hazards

Household appliances are closely related to daily family life. people should have direct contact with household appliances in the process of controlling and using household appliances.

The dazzling household appliances not only bring great convenience and enjoyment to people, but also bring huge safety hazards to people.

Household electrical appliances generally use mains power as the power source.電機工程 This 220V, 50Hz alternating current is an unsafe voltage and is very dangerous to the human body.

Of course, home appliance safety cases are only a small probability event, and the possibility of accidents, especially malignant accidents, is extremely small. But behind the small probability is the huge absolute value.

According to statistics, more than 1,000 people die from electric shocks in my country every year. The economic losses caused by the fire are huge.

Because the users of household appliances are very complex, including the elderly, young, women, young, and many people who have not been trained in electrician knowledge, the safe use of household appliances is very important.

2. Reasons for hidden dangers of household appliances

The potential safety hazards caused by household appliances include electric shock, fire, mechanical damage and radiation, among which electric shock and fire are the most prominent.

The main reason lies in the following aspects.

2.1 product quality issues

Accidents such as electric shocks and fires caused by unqualified appliances have occurred from time to time, and a considerable part of them are caused by unqualified power cords.

1) Electric frying pans, rice cookers, daily electric stoves, electric soldering irons and liquid heating appliances (including electric cups, electric kettles, electric pots, milk pots, electric tea pots, electric coffee pots, electric pressure cookers, water boilers, etc.) products that use fiber braided or rubber-sheathed flexible cables have not adopted such products as required by the standard. Among them, the daily use of electric stoves, electric irons and various liquid heating appliances does not use power cords in accordance with the regulations is more serious.

2) Vacuum cleaners and electric food processing appliances should use rubber sheathed flexible cables or pVC sheathed wires, but these products are not used in accordance with the standard.

3) It is emphasized that products that do not allow the use of polyvinyl chloride insulated wires are not allowed to be used if they are not used in accordance with the standards. Most of these products are products whose external metal parts have a temperature rise of more than 75K, such as electric irons and portable heaters.

Among them, when the temperature rise of the external metal parts exceeds 60K, the massage appliance cannot use the pVC insulated wire. However, such electrical appliances on the market still use polyvinyl chloride insulated wires.

The structural design of some home appliances does not meet the requirements of national standards, and there is a lack of effective and necessary protection against live or overheated parts and abnormal working conditions, resulting in safety accidents during use or maintenance of the product; some products are in the process of production and processing , The quality control is not strict, and the components and internal insulation materials used are not heat-resistant and flame-retardant, causing the product to have electric shock or fire hazards.

Some manufacturing companies have deviations in their understanding of product standards, and product designs are unreasonable. Some product marks, product marks, marks, warning signs are incorrect, not standardized, instructions for use and precautions are not detailed, lack of warnings, etc., which affect the safety and correct use of consumers. Some companies entrust OEM production after obtaining compulsory certification, and lack product quality control.

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What do I need to pay attention to in electrocardiogram?

1. Take an ECG in a quiet state

The muscles in the body will produce bioelectricity when they are active. If a child keeps crying, moves his whole body, and takes a deep breath while doing an electrocardiogram, holter ecgit will directly affect the diagnosis and research results of the company, so we should let the child calm down before doing it. Electrocardiogram, when necessary, students can also choose Chinese children’s sedative drugs under the guidance of doctors to prevent them from interfering with the diagnosis and teaching effect due to muscle tissue activity.

2. Relax

When doing an electrocardiogram, it is necessary to discharge lines on the ankles, wrists, and chest. The lack of management-related medical expertise among some students may lead to this kind of fear, which speeds up the heartbeat and affects the analysis of the electrocardiogram. result. This is just as a kind of bioelectricity, almost no radiation for the development of the body, but the rhythm of the heartbeat can be displayed in the form of images, so we should relax the students’ body and mind before doing the examination, and there should be no sense of fear.

3. Do not wear tights or pants during the inspection

You can wear tights during the ECG examination, otherwise it will affect the local blood circulation, and it will be inconvenient to wear and take off. It is recommended to wear loose-fitting sports pants or skirts to measure the ECG easily, effectively and quickly.

4. prevent the impact of drugs on inspection companies

Some drugs in life will affect the ECG monitoring data, because the drugs will directly affect the basal metabolism of the myocardium, the image displayed by the ECG will inevitably be affected. Therefore, before we do the electrocardiogram analysis, we must improve the doctor to explain the drugs that we have recently taken, so as to avoid misdiagnosis by the company.

5. The results of the electrocardiogram are only an important reference for China

The electrocardiogram only records the electrical activity of the heart, but can’t see the related problems clearly. If the left and right ventricles are enlarged, the ECG cannot be detected because the currents in the opposite directions may cancel each other out. The electrocardiogram is only used as a method to help doctors diagnose system diseases. It is also necessary to combine the patient’s symptoms to analyze comprehensive capabilities so that we can confirm the diagnosis.

6. You don’t need to take off your shoes when doing your own inspection

When doing an electrocardiogram, you don’t need to take off your shoes, just roll up the trouser legs of your clothes. Don’t wear tight shoes or socks, as this may affect your performance.

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How to care for a woman’s private parts

1. Homemade private parts whitening mask

The main ingredients are pearl powder, flour, honey, and lemon juice. Mix the above materials evenly and stir into a mask, then evenly apply on the ***, after twenty minutes, clean the *** After using it for a period of time, you will find that the color of *** becomes lighter. It should be noted that only one or two drops of lemon juice can be used, not too much, so as not to over-irritate the skin.

2. Eat more whitening foods

Generally speaking, foods rich in vitamin C have a good whitening effect. Therefore, 私處美白it is recommended that you eat more foods rich in vitamin C, such as tomatoes, oranges, apples, grapefruits, kiwis, etc., which have a certain degree of whitening effect.

3. Wear tight pants less

Especially for friends who wear thongs, the color of the *** is easy to darken, because wearing too tightly, the greater the friction between the *** and the cloth, which leads to more melanin deposition of ***. So friends who want to reduce melanin precipitation must wear less tights.

4. Exercise more

The blood circulation of the body is not smooth and the metabolism level is low, which is easy to accumulate more melanin. Therefore, if you want to reduce the precipitation of melanin, it is recommended to exercise more to improve the blood circulation of the body, thereby reducing the precipitation of melanin. .

Choosing the right underwear

Good underwear provides clean and loose space. It is recommended to choose 100% cotton material. Do not choose composite materials, although they are easy to wash but lack air permeability. Don’t wear thongs often, otherwise it will cause more friction and cause bacteria to grow. Change and wash your underwear with neutral tea tree soap every day. The minimum water temperature for washing underwear is 40%.

Keep the genitals dry

A humid environment is a natural conditioned medium for bacteria to grow easily. Do not wear wet swimsuits or underwear for too long; dry the vulva as soon as possible after bathing; after each sexual intercourse, it is recommended to wash the vulva and dry it with a dry towel.

Ensure proper cleaning

But the scope of this cleaning is limited to the vulva, clitoris, labia and other parts, not including the vagina. The internal management of the vagina was originally maintained in a company’s balanced flora environment. Excessive cleaning will destroy our balance of development, and it is easy to promote the reproduction of bacteria and viruses. Choose a mild lotion, do not use fungicides, descaling products, these are too irritating for the tender vagina. The genitals can also be developed and cleaned by using wet wipes, but choose a product that is gentle, non-irritating, fragrance-producing, and alcohol-free.

Don’t hold back urine

When the urge to urinate comes, we must solve it in time, so that we cannot cause economic pressure on the patient’s urethra. When the urge to urinate comes, the pubic area will also be wet, which will also cause some bad effects on the health of the private parts. .

False contraception

Many people mistakenly believe that washing the vagina after intercourse can reduce the probability of pregnancy. In fact, this method can not only play a role in contraception, but also easily cause vaginal fungal infection and vaginitis.

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在生活中,沒有什么比安全更重要,保護個人安全需要從最基本的事情做起。鎖的選擇是非常重要的,現在一些過去的門已經比劃時代的變革,現在使用的指紋識別門鎖是人們一個聰明的選擇,很多朋友買的Smart Lock這是不明確。 指紋鎖的作用就大大提高了安全性,那么, 如何選購指紋鎖,下面就為大家介紹。

Lockly® Secure Lux 是 Lockly® 旗下最高級的智能指紋鎖,集前衛造型及卓越功能於一身。除了PIN Genie™ 密碼鍵盤,亦有指紋感應器、藍牙、RFID拍卡及機械鑰匙等合共五種開鎖方式。

指紋鎖是智能鎖具,它是通過計算機網絡信息管理技術、電子數據技術、機械工程技術和現代五金工藝的完美結晶。因此,指紋的上述特性成為識別身份的最重要證據而廣泛應用於公安刑偵及司法領域。指紋認證具有方便、快速、精確等特點。 隨著科學技術的普及和智能家居的發展,越來越多的人開始選擇指紋鎖。


2、選用感應卡門鎖首先檢查其感應靈敏度後再了解感應門鎖靜態功耗。一般電池供電的門鎖被用來了解靜態功耗的門鎖是非常重要的。 目前,一些品牌可以使用四個電池一年以上,一些品牌在一個月內更換電池。頻繁換電池會嚴重社會影響企業使用。


歸根結底,人們生活的安全性需要有科技作為基本支持,人們生活都得到了良好的保障。在如今社會生活中,雖然國泰民安,但是我們仍舊需要通過采取一些安全防護技術措施,因此, 智能指紋鎖就受到了影響人們的廣泛關注。如果你想過有吸引力的生活,並且想有一個安全的生活保障,你可以選擇購買指紋鎖,如上所述,如何購買指紋鎖,朋友可以學習。








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臉上長斑怎樣消除,如果想要快速達到祛斑的效果,也可以選擇激光手術的方法,激光手術目前是非常不錯的一種祛斑方式,但是在激光祛斑之後,一定要注意,不能讓傷口沾水,否則會影響正常的恢複效果,祛斑以後要注意隔離,防止紫外線照射,避免色斑再次生成。從上面我們可以清楚的知道,祛斑不是我們想的那么簡單,隨便選擇一款美白產品可以擺脫!但有前祛斑後做好防護工作。 所以在臉上的斑點之後,一定不要著急,冷靜地消除它。






珍珠粉本身具有美容功效,無論是口服還是外用,都對我們的皮膚起到了一定的護理作用。 珍珠粉要有美白效果,那么使用珍珠粉可以去除黑頭嗎?我想用磨砂膏在鼻子的皮膚,使用珍珠粉的效果呢?如果你用對了方法,你可以擺脫黑頭。使用或者珍珠粉去黑頭可采用珍珠粉揉搓去黑頭法、珍珠粉加牛奶、珍珠粉+蘋果汁去黑頭等等,下面來詳細分析了解學生一下珍珠粉怎么去黑頭吧。






















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吃的太油膩,大魚大肉的吃會升高血液中膽固醇含量。隨著年齡增長,新陳代謝速度減慢。 如果你仍然保持這種不良的飲食習慣,你可以加快膽固醇的積累,促進血管老化,影響大腦健康。研究發現,血液中膽固醇含量越高,患老年癡呆症的風險就越高。

高鹽分飲食,高鹽分飲食可誘發高血壓和老年癡呆症。只要容量超過7.7克,就會快速下降認知能力。 對於普通成年人,每日食鹽攝入量應控制在6克以內。高血壓疾病患者需控制在三克以內。吃了過多的食物添加劑,過多攝入含有重金屬如鋁的食物,鉛,錳會導致認知功能障礙,影響大腦健康。更多的重金屬主要存在於食品添加劑,所以吃少。