What do I need to pay attention to in electrocardiogram?

1. Take an ECG in a quiet state

The muscles in the body will produce bioelectricity when they are active. If a child keeps crying, moves his whole body, and takes a deep breath while doing an electrocardiogram, holter ecgit will directly affect the diagnosis and research results of the company, so we should let the child calm down before doing it. Electrocardiogram, when necessary, students can also choose Chinese children’s sedative drugs under the guidance of doctors to prevent them from interfering with the diagnosis and teaching effect due to muscle tissue activity.

2. Relax

When doing an electrocardiogram, it is necessary to discharge lines on the ankles, wrists, and chest. The lack of management-related medical expertise among some students may lead to this kind of fear, which speeds up the heartbeat and affects the analysis of the electrocardiogram. result. This is just as a kind of bioelectricity, almost no radiation for the development of the body, but the rhythm of the heartbeat can be displayed in the form of images, so we should relax the students’ body and mind before doing the examination, and there should be no sense of fear.

3. Do not wear tights or pants during the inspection

You can wear tights during the ECG examination, otherwise it will affect the local blood circulation, and it will be inconvenient to wear and take off. It is recommended to wear loose-fitting sports pants or skirts to measure the ECG easily, effectively and quickly.

4. prevent the impact of drugs on inspection companies

Some drugs in life will affect the ECG monitoring data, because the drugs will directly affect the basal metabolism of the myocardium, the image displayed by the ECG will inevitably be affected. Therefore, before we do the electrocardiogram analysis, we must improve the doctor to explain the drugs that we have recently taken, so as to avoid misdiagnosis by the company.

5. The results of the electrocardiogram are only an important reference for China

The electrocardiogram only records the electrical activity of the heart, but can’t see the related problems clearly. If the left and right ventricles are enlarged, the ECG cannot be detected because the currents in the opposite directions may cancel each other out. The electrocardiogram is only used as a method to help doctors diagnose system diseases. It is also necessary to combine the patient’s symptoms to analyze comprehensive capabilities so that we can confirm the diagnosis.

6. You don’t need to take off your shoes when doing your own inspection

When doing an electrocardiogram, you don’t need to take off your shoes, just roll up the trouser legs of your clothes. Don’t wear tight shoes or socks, as this may affect your performance.

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