Home appliance safety hazards

Household appliances are closely related to daily family life. people should have direct contact with household appliances in the process of controlling and using household appliances.

The dazzling household appliances not only bring great convenience and enjoyment to people, but also bring huge safety hazards to people.

Household electrical appliances generally use mains power as the power source.電機工程 This 220V, 50Hz alternating current is an unsafe voltage and is very dangerous to the human body.

Of course, home appliance safety cases are only a small probability event, and the possibility of accidents, especially malignant accidents, is extremely small. But behind the small probability is the huge absolute value.

According to statistics, more than 1,000 people die from electric shocks in my country every year. The economic losses caused by the fire are huge.

Because the users of household appliances are very complex, including the elderly, young, women, young, and many people who have not been trained in electrician knowledge, the safe use of household appliances is very important.

2. Reasons for hidden dangers of household appliances

The potential safety hazards caused by household appliances include electric shock, fire, mechanical damage and radiation, among which electric shock and fire are the most prominent.

The main reason lies in the following aspects.

2.1 product quality issues

Accidents such as electric shocks and fires caused by unqualified appliances have occurred from time to time, and a considerable part of them are caused by unqualified power cords.

1) Electric frying pans, rice cookers, daily electric stoves, electric soldering irons and liquid heating appliances (including electric cups, electric kettles, electric pots, milk pots, electric tea pots, electric coffee pots, electric pressure cookers, water boilers, etc.) products that use fiber braided or rubber-sheathed flexible cables have not adopted such products as required by the standard. Among them, the daily use of electric stoves, electric irons and various liquid heating appliances does not use power cords in accordance with the regulations is more serious.

2) Vacuum cleaners and electric food processing appliances should use rubber sheathed flexible cables or pVC sheathed wires, but these products are not used in accordance with the standard.

3) It is emphasized that products that do not allow the use of polyvinyl chloride insulated wires are not allowed to be used if they are not used in accordance with the standards. Most of these products are products whose external metal parts have a temperature rise of more than 75K, such as electric irons and portable heaters.

Among them, when the temperature rise of the external metal parts exceeds 60K, the massage appliance cannot use the pVC insulated wire. However, such electrical appliances on the market still use polyvinyl chloride insulated wires.

The structural design of some home appliances does not meet the requirements of national standards, and there is a lack of effective and necessary protection against live or overheated parts and abnormal working conditions, resulting in safety accidents during use or maintenance of the product; some products are in the process of production and processing , The quality control is not strict, and the components and internal insulation materials used are not heat-resistant and flame-retardant, causing the product to have electric shock or fire hazards.

Some manufacturing companies have deviations in their understanding of product standards, and product designs are unreasonable. Some product marks, product marks, marks, warning signs are incorrect, not standardized, instructions for use and precautions are not detailed, lack of warnings, etc., which affect the safety and correct use of consumers. Some companies entrust OEM production after obtaining compulsory certification, and lack product quality control.

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